"They might stay longer. Now, you’re not gonna get the top pick. Like Kentucky’s not gonna get Karl-Anthony Towns to stay longer, but they may get some of the other guys to stay longer. They may decide, 'You know what, I’m making money here.' When you start making money, then you can go when you’re ready. I think part of the culture has become: 'If you don’t want to be here, go.' Instead of: 'No, it’s good for you to be here.' If we really think it’s good for kids to stay in school, why shouldn’t we provide incentives for them to stay? It’s a good thing.

"Boy, I’ll tell you, nobody’s lamenting Jordan Spieth for leaving Texas early. They don’t care because they didn’t watch golf. They didn’t care when Tiger Woods left early, when John McEnroe left Stanford early. They don’t care whether Missy Ferguson stays at Cal. They don’t care. They care whether the football and basketball players stay, because those are the sports they watch. If men’s lacrosse players were leaving early, do think anybody would care? They wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t be worried about all the rich kids from Long Island."