America's real pastime is finally back.

Our collective addiction to the impossibly violent pickup truck-sponsored concussion circus known as the NFL is on par with anything a heroin addict experiences when going through withdrawal. It has to be. Why else would we accept any of it? Why else would we back an organization that floods stores with pink merchandise for a month to support breast cancer, yet allows less than 10 percent of the revenue to actually go towards cancer research? Why would we watch a game where every single week somebody loses consciousness from a head injury during a game, when we know full well those injuries often later lead to abuse and suicide? Why else would be put up with Roger Goodell making $44 million dollars a year? We wouldn't if we weren't addicted to the product.

Yet, after seven long months without a real hit of the good stuff, it's still safe to say many of us can't fucking WAIT to fall back off the wagon.

Through all the concussions, domestic abuse, and the daily evil that passes for "business as usual" in the National Football League—there are still Sundays. There's still one day a week where we as awful, awful supporters of the NFL can sit and enjoy the game itself without being bombarded by all the hype and negativity that surrounds it. Watching world-class football from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m. is still bliss, and until the natural reaction to seeing your favorite defensive lineman sack-dance around the writhing corpse of an opposing quarterback is no longer to jump to our feet in celebration, we'll keep watching.

We're not bad people. We just love this game.

So to prepare you for the next several months of touchdowns, torn ACLs, and terrible discoveries about the personal lives of people you support, we present the Complex Sports 2015 NFL Season Preview. Scroll through to catch up on what's new for each team this season, what games will win you money, what embarrassing proclamations your team's fans have made, and who the most interesting humans are in the league today.