Klay Thompson is ecstatic about the Warriors advancing to the 2015 NBA Finals to square off against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. But it sounds like he's going to need to relax for a few days before he starts preparing himself for the series.

During Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals last night, Thompson suffered a concussion after he got kneed in the head by Trevor Ariza. Initially, he passed a concussion test and would have been allowed to return to the game if the Warriors would have needed him to. But according to his dad Mychal Thompson, the Golden State guard was diagnosed with a concussion after the game and is going to need to get some rest in the coming days.

"He was pretty woozy last night," the older Thompson said on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning a short time ago. "I had to drive him home. He wasn't able to drive himself home. So I drove him home, and when he got home, he threw up a couple times. After he threw up, he started to feel a lot better. When I left his house, he was resting comfortably. After a couple days off, he seems to think he'll be fine…He just needs a couple days to shut it down. He has a lot of time to get ready for Thursday."

Fortunately, the Warriors have a week until the NBA Finals start, which should give Thompson plenty of time to recover. Stay tuned for further updates on his condition.

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