Adrian Peterson is no closer towards an exit in Minnesota, but he's keeping the trade drumbeat going, given the opportunity. Peterson was at the Rockets/Mavericks playoff game last night in Dallas, and in an interview with a local TV station, he was asked about joining the Cowboys—a team that's reportedly been at the top of his list of teams he'd like to be traded to

"It would be nice," Peterson said. "I've got family here, my dad's here. But I'm under contract, so we'll see."

Peterson is expected to skip all offseason workouts with the Vikings as his agent continues to plot a path out of Minnesota. . In the lead-up to Thursday's NFL Draft, both Vikings and Cowboys officials have tried to downplay a potential trade. Cowboys VP Stephen Jones has admitted that he doesn't see the team using draft picks to trade for Peterson

"We can just end the Adrian Peterson stuff," said Vikings GM Rick Spielman on Tuesday. "Our position has not changed. We have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson."

Until the right offer comes along, of course. 

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