Do you hate the Kentucky basketball team and wish they had lost to Notre Dame in the Elite Eight? Then watch the video above and prepare to be outraged! It's been viewed more than two million times on Facebook now, and it clearly shows Kentucky getting credit for two points that they shouldn't have received. And because they won the game by just two points, the game technically should have gone to overtime. So the NCAA needs to answer for this, right? RIGHT?!?

Er, yeah. Except that if the guy who had recorded the video had stuck with it for another five seconds or so, he would have seen the official scorekeeper take the two points away from the Wildcats. We went and watched the game here and saw the score change back with our own eyes. So there's no conspiracy theory here. Kentucky earned their victory against Notre Dame and didn't win the game because of a scoring error.

That being said, it's still pretty impressive that the video got more than two million views. You guys didn't really believe this, did you?

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