Biggest pro football accomplishments: Played linebacker for the Bills and Patriots and took part in Super Bowl XXVIII for Buffalo
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Considered an NWA World Heavyweight Championship contender during his time with TNA before he jumped ship and joined the ECW side of WWE
The key to his career change: He signed with the Patriots in 1996 so that he could be situated closer to the World Wrestling Federation headquarters in Stamford, Conn.

Unfortunately, Marcus Cor Von/The Alpha Male never won any major titles during his time in TNA and ECW/WWE. He came close a few times but was never thought of as a major superstar within either organization. But after retiring from the NFL in 1996 and training with wrestlers Dan "The Beast" Severn and Terry "Sabu" Brunk, he did prove that he could make it in the world of professional wrestling and took part in several memorable fights, including one in 2004 that featured him beating Kevin Nash and "Diamond" Dallas Page during a TNA pay-per-view.