Biggest pro football accomplishments: Tried out to play offensive lineman for the NFL's Dallas Texans before spending a brief period of time in the CFL playing for the Edmonton Eskimos
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Won a handful of NWA and AWA World Heavyweight Championships in cities like Detroit and Minneapolis before eventually helping found World Class Championship Wrestling
The key to his career change: He met legendary wrestler Stu Hart while playing for the Eskimos and agreed to train with him and take part in his Klondike Wrestling organization.

During his time with Klondike, Fritz Von Erich actually played a Nazi character since Nazis were natural heels back in the 1950s. But the big draw surrounding him had everything to do with his patented "Iron Claw" maneuver, which become a very popular move and eventually helped him break into new markets in the United States and Japan. And even though Von Erich passed away back in 1997, he continues to have an impact on the wrestling world thanks to his offspring who have participated and continue to participate in wrestling around the world.