Nick Young has been in the NBA for eight years now. And during his time in the league, he has scored about 6,000 points. 5,952 to be exact. But apparently, he's expecting to put up a lot more points before everything is all said and done.

Last night, after Kobe Bryant became the first player in NBA history to record 30,000 points and 6,000 assists, Swaggy P was asked about his teammate's accomplishment. And he responded by making a very bold (and ridiculous) prediction about what he's going to do by the time he has played 20 years in the league:

Hmmm…46,000 points, Swaggy? That seems super ambitious, no? Our math skills aren't exactly on par with Ryan Fitzpatrick's kid. But in order to score 46,000 points over the next 12 years, you'd need to: A) Make sure you played 82 games every single season, and B) Average roughly 40 points in every single game over that span. Oh, and you'd also have to convince some NBA team out there that it would make sense for a 41-year-old Nick Young to chuck up 30 or 40 shots per game.

It sounds like a lot of fun! And it'd be amazing if you actually tried to make this happen. But unless the league comes out with a plan for five-pointers, we wouldn't count on it.

[via Eye on Basketball]