Things aren't going great for UCLA today as they take on Oregon at home. With a chance to down one of the best teams in college football, the Bruins have gone down 21-10, and it's only halftime. Oregon's up-tempo offense can give fits to anyone, but they appear to already be inside UCLA defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich's head. 

For one reason or another, Ulbrich began screaming at head coach Jim Mora on the sidelines during the second quarter, eventually discarding his headset and handing Mora his play sheet as if to say "YOU THINK THIS IS EASY BRO? DO YOU? YOU CALL THE PLAYS THEN YOU BIG JERK." Somehow, Mora keeps his cool and attempts to calm Ulbrich down, getting him to put the headset back on and stop acting like a child who just had his ice cream cone stolen by a teenanger. It's a bold move by Ulbrich, since screaming at your boss is usually not the best move in any workplace. We'll see how the second half goes.