Hamburger SV is one of the worst teams in the German Bundesliga, as the little-known club currently sits at 16th place in the 18-team league. Last night, their standing was only reinforced after the club suffered a 3-1 loss to the mighty Bayern Munich. 

However, during the defeat, an event transpired that not only added injury to Hamburger's insult, but was also an injury and an insult in and of itself. 

Hamburg's keeper Jaroslav Drobny got hit in the dick.

Up 1-0 in the 41st minute, Bayern Munich sent a cross into the box, and it was quickly acted upon by star player Philip Lahm. Unfortunately for Drobny, Lahm's placement ended up nailing the Hamburg keeper straight in the groin with the ball. As you can see above, it looked really, really painful. Drobny tries to get up, and then falls back to the pitch, clutching himself, as any red-blooded male would. Take a breather, pal. 

Drobny would go on to give up a goal at the end of the first, and one more in the 55th minute. Talk about a bad game. 

[via The Big Lead]