Yesterday, Jets wide receiver Eric Decker decided to do something nice for all of the diehard Jets fans out there on Twitter. But it did not end well.

Decker—who signed with the team in the offseason after spending last year with the Broncos—is new to New York. So maybe he just doesn't understand the relationship that Jets fans have with their team yet. But he took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask #jetsnation why they love the Jets. And he even promised a signed prize to whoever could come up with the best answer:

But just about every single response that he received from Jets fans was dripping with the kind of sarcasm that you'd expect from an angry Jets fans who has been disgusted with the team's 1-7 start to the 2014-15 NFL season. It got so bad that, earlier today, his wife Jessie James sent out these tweets:

Want to see what some of the responses to Decker's original tweet looked like? Scroll down to check them out.

Sometimes, you just have to smile through the tears, Jets fans. And that's exactly what you've done here.