There's a couple of different ways to frame tonight's ass kicking that Texas A&M handed to South Carolina in SC's home stadium. The first choice would probably be how sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill came in and threw for 511 yards (more than Johnny Manziel ever threw for) in his first career start, prompting this response from the Heisman winner:

Another way to frame it may be to point out how pointless preseason polls are, since South Carolina clearly wasn't in the same league (metaphorically) as A&M. This, despite the Gamecocks being 10.5 point favorites.

But the route we're going to go with is the fact that a local Ashley Furniture had to pony up more than $1 million in free furnishings after A&M pulled off the "upset" by more than 10 points. That's because the branch (located in A&M's base of operations: College Station, TX) had a deal to give all purchases away for free if they were "bought" between August 16-27 and Texas A&M won by double digits. Obviously, they did that (and then some) which resulted in over 600 customers getting free products. In fact, one customer lucky SOB made off with over $20,000 of merchandise.

If you're wondering whether store owner Mark Wilks will have to file for bankruptcy in the morning, the answer is: no. That's because, even though he didn't have the foresight to see a blowout, he did have the foresight to purchase insurance. He'll be on the hook for "roughly" 15 percent (which is still a lot).

Hopefully his repeat customers can pick up that slack.

[via ESPN]