How scared would you be if you popped the hood of your car and found a gigantic python sitting on top of your engine?

Unfortunately, a man from Santa Fe, N.M. found out the answer to that question earlier this week when he pulled over to help a woman when he saw that her car had broken down. He popped the hood of the car and, lo and behold, there was a 20-pound python on the car's engine. And it obviously spooked him.

"Looking right at me," Jackson Ault explained later, "flicked its little tongue and I kinda freaked out a little bit."

A little bit? We would have slammed the hood and ran for miles.

Fortunately, the snake didn't feel threatened enough to attack Ault. But the woman did have to call animal control to come to her car to retrieve the snake. And Ault later admitted that he probably won't be pulling over to help anyone else out anytime soon.

And you know what? We don't blame him one bit.

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[via KDVR]