They're not loyal because just they're veterans, especially when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets.

Paul Pierce will leave after just one year with the team. He's signed a two-year/$11 million deal with the Wizards, whose young squad could use Pierce's experience.

Pierce wasn't quite The Truth when he was in Brooklyn, but he was still a pretty good asset. His last-second block against the Raptors that ensured the Nets' second round advance is a good example.

Despite the good, Pierce's departure is another symbol of the Nets' quiet turmoil. Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Andrei Kirilenko, and Pierce was brought in last year to turn the team into championship contenders. Now the Nets' near future rests on a lessening Deron Williams with a suspect ankle and Brook Lopez with his foot problems. It's looking like Jay Z dodged mediocrity here.

It's not Marcin Gortat's problem though.

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[via SportsCenter]