Following Wednesday's ruling by an arbitrator that Jimmy Graham is officially a 'tight end' for the New Orleans Saints, with regards to the franchise tag, the Cleveland Browns' Jordan Cameron took immediate action to avoid befalling the same fate as his versatile receiving brethren. Graham, who wanted to be listed as a wideout so he could make roughly five million more than the $7 million he's due as a franchised tight end, was begrudged of his recourse in part because he listed himself as a tight end on his Twitter bio. Well, as you can see below, Cameron, who notched 917 yards and seven touchdowns for Cleveland last year, tried to strengthen his case by calling himself a 'pass catcher'for the Browns. We see what you did there, Jordan. 

While we commend Cameron on paying attention to the game, he had to know someone was going to notice the change. It just so happens that person was ESPN Sports Business Reporter and ABC News correspondent Darren Rovell. SMH!

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[via Larry Brown Sports]