The L’s continue to mount for the Indiana Pacersbut—instead of LeBron James dunks—it’s professional wrestler Damien Sandow trolling the Pacers faithful. The WWE’s resident rabble-rouser pretended to be Lance Stephenson during an episode of Raw, and spent the better half of a four minute rant blasting the Pacers, to Pacers fans, in the very arena the Indiana Pacers call home. SMH. 

But, unlike last week, Indy had a saving grace this time around: The Big Show. The 7-foot, 440 pound behemoth rushed the mat and punched Sandow in the face.

There's a lesson here, young athletes. Don't let anyone embarrass you in your own house. And, if they try, punch 'em in the head WorldStar-style and raise your arms in triumph. You can do it, if you put your mind to it.