Amongst other topics the WWE's Big E talks about what it was like growing up, loving hip hop, while also being the son of a preacher and having to hide his taste in music from his dad or risk banishment from the house, even at age 23 (damn dude).

1st Album Bought? A Bone Thugs-N-Harmony collection.

2nd Album? Straight Outta Compton.

What he listens to for workout motivation? The parallels between wrestling and hip hop? And what artists put him in a mood to get into the squared circle? Well, there's a reason we embedded the interview.

If you see the 12:36 and say "Nah, pass." Know that the hip hop Q&A is in the first 8:45 and starts up again at 10:45.

That being said, we doubt you were going to do much with those two minutes anyways.

[via YouTube, Emilio Sparks]