Back in January Dutch soccer fan Ben Oude Kamphuis left California for Brazil in his '55 Chevy pickup truck nicknamed "Old Nellie." Six months later he's finally made it. 

Along the way he stopped to donate shoes and preach "unity through football' to children. Kamphuis drove from San Francisco to Baja, Calif. before taking a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlán, Mexico. Then he made it all the way down to Colón, Panama, where he took another boat to Cartagena, Colombia to avoid the Darién Gap, a notoriously dangerous hotbed for cartels. 

Of course, homeboy doesn't get down with GPS and used old-fashioned maps for the entire journey. "If I need directions, which I do on a regular basis—I don't have GPS, just a AAA map, and I get my ass lost in the mountains quite a bit—then I've gotta go out and talk," Kamphuis said. "I love it."

And we love his spirit. 

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[via Truck Yeah!