Drivers always seem to struggle with the idea that they have to share the road with cyclists. Ask anyone who bikes regularly, and they're sure to have a story about some overzealous driver who nearly or fully ran them off the road. 

In this video filmed on a bike-mounted camera, we see what appears to be a shared lane for cars and bicycles and a truck driver (of course) who refuses to give the cyclist any room. When the cyclist barely runs into the back of his truck, dude gets out of the truck, goes into road rage mode, and tosses the bicycle around without regard. He even tries to throw it into his truck bed but ends up overshooting it clear to the other side. 

The cyclist probably could have avoided the truck, but that's besides the point. Drivers need to realize the road isn't theirs to hog. If running into the truck is the only way to highlight his assholery, sobeit. 

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[via Jukin Media]