The Spurs and the Thunder were great during the Western Conference Finals, but never at the same time. After a series of blowouts, the one time they both were simultaneously great happened in Game 6, which ended up being Oklahoma City's final game of the series.

The Spurs didn't have Tony Parker for the second half thanks to his sore ankle, but they still took out the Thunder in overtime, 112-107.

The Thunder came came right back from a 12-point deficit in the fourth quarter to make the game into a thriller, and a missed goaltending call (Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka got a piece of a shot after it hit the backboard) and a Manu Ginobili three pointer forced the game past regulation.

Poor Tim Duncan hit a potential game-winning putback right after the buzzer, but the game was still his. The Big Fundamental scored a majority of the Spurs' overtime points (including seven consecutive) to push them past an exhausted Oklahoma City team. It was clear the Thunder wasn't coming back with Bad Westbrook showing up at the wrong time:

Tim Duncan finished with 19 points and 15 rebounds, while Boris Diaw led with 26 points. Kevin Durant and Westbrook led the Thunder with 31 and 34 points, respectively, but there was only so much they could with just five points from the bench.

So OKC is out, the BasedGod curse lives, and Heat-Spurs II is happening for the Finals. Excited yet?

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