Carmelo Anthony is going to be a free agent this summer. And according to reports, there are quite a few teams who are interested in obtaining his services. But how many of them can offer him his very own R. Kelly song?! Answer: One.

That team is the Chicago Bulls. And as you'll see in the video above, R. Kelly really, really, really wants Melo to come to the Chi. In fact, he wants him to come so badly that he's written a song for him and everything. At about the 7-minute mark of the video, you'll hear him sing it—and then you'll hear him make a plea for Melo to sign with the Bulls this summer.

If this doesn't bring Melo to the Bulls, it's safe to say that nothing will. So someone with the team needs to make sure Melo sees and hears this ASAP.

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[via Fake Shore Drive]