Every move that LeBron James makes between now and the time that he signs with either the Miami Heat or another NBA team early next month is going to be analyzed to death. Every move. And last night, he actually made two moves down in South Beach that raised a few eyebrows. 

First, King James reportedly had a meeting with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at the Soho Beach House in Miami. Miami Herald writer Lesley Abravanel happened to stumble upon the meeting and sent out a couple of tweets about it:

But that wasn't the only thing that LeBron did last night. After the meeting was over, he also accompanied his wife Savannah James to Jay Z and Beyoncé's first "On The Run" concert at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami. And guess what, guys? According to Abravanel, he was wearing a Heat hat when he arrived!

So between the meeting and the hat, this definitely means that LeBron is coming back to Miami next season, right? Er, right?

Um, no. But it's fun to speculate. And we're sure that we're all going to be doing a lot of it over the next week or so.

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[via @lesleyabravanel]