Everyone’s favorite Ferrarithe 458 of course – is set to go under the knife soon, and its transformation might disappoint some of the Ferrari faithful. That’s because the second life cycle of the 458 will feature a turbocharged engine, not far removed from the new California T’s turbo V8.

The news comes from a Top Gear interview with some of Ferrari’s most influential staff. In order to abide by European emissions standards, Ferrari is swapping its naturally aspirated 4.5L V8 for a turbocharged mill hovering somewhere close to 4.0L.

Styling is likely to stay relatively the same on the refreshed 458. The vehicle already fits Ferrari’s design scheme, barring the addition of extra cooling ducts to wick heat away from the turbo.

Weight is expected to decrease as well. Ferrari’s new turbo V8 family is more compact and lighter than the old powerplants. And thankfully performance will receive a bump, putting it in closer competition with the 650-horsepower McLaren 650S.

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[via Top Gear]