In the past, we've told you all about cats that have gotten trapped underneath the hoods of cars and trucks and been taken for long rides. But we've never seen a cat get trapped quite like this before.

Earlier this month, a Russian driver jumped into his Toyota Land Cruiser and set out to make a trip for work. And while he was driving, he didn't hear or feel anything out of the ordinary. But after traveling approximately 50 miles—and after reaching speeds of approximately 80 mph—he  stopped at a gas station to fill up his tank. And when he did, he heard a cat meowing and realized that the sound was coming from underneath his SUV. He did some poking around and, after a short time, he realized that the cat was actually in his SUV. And to make matters even worse, it was trapped inside of a suspension spring and unable to get out.

Fortunately, someone at the gas station was able to remove the spring from the SUV and free the cat. But it's a miracle that it survived. One bad bump and that kitty could have been, well, we won't even go there. But we're happy to report that the cat was not injured and that it was returned to the man's hometown where he is hoping to find its owner. So this story should have a happy ending.

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[via New York Post]