There's a never-ending battle between car manufacturers and spy photographers, but we never thought it would escalate like this. A man in Florida tried to get footage of a Lamborghini Huracan prototype driving on the highway, and the Lambo driver freaked out. 

First homeboy tried some evasive maneuvers. Despite driving a 610-horsepower supercar, there wasn't much he could do in the middle of the day. Then he calls in a crony, an Audi driver, to pace between the Huracan and the videographer to block his view. The crony is only mildly successful. 

Finally, the Lambo driver pulls over and screams at the guy with the camera. At one point he reaches inside the car and hits the camera, which escalates things into full out road rage. The cops are called, but Mr. Road Rage dips out before they can show up. 

Nice guy, right?

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[via YouTube