So, how badly did Phil Jackson want to reunite with Steve Kerr? Apparently not enough to open up the New York Knicks' team wallet. The newly christened Team President's initial offer to Kerr was roughly 3 years/$13.2 million (a "low ball" we wouldn't mind). That offer lingered for a week. After the Knicks learned that Kerr was negotiating with the Warriors, they threw in a fourth year. As the headline suggests, that wasn't enough, and Kerr opted to stay close(r) to his San Diego home by taking Golden State's 5-year/$25 million dollar deal.

Other rumors say both Knicks owner James Dolan and former broadcasting partner Marv Albert played roles in keeping Kerr on the West Coast., with the latter telling him "It never ends well [with the Knicks.]"

This new report does seem a bit odd considering Jackson's $12 million a year annual salary. However, the New York Post article (cited below) says that a 5-year/$22 million dollar deal probably would've secured the Knicks their leading man. With that bloated sum Kerr could've probably secured himself a 500 sq. foot Manhattan loft, food for a few months, and at least a dozen cab rides to MSG.

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