The First Round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs was electric. An NBA-record five Game 7s, eight overtime games, 23 games decided by five points or fewer, game-winning shots on the daily—do the playoffs in any sport get better than this? The remaining rounds have a hell of an act to follow. Last night's opening conference Semi-Finals were tame relative to the madness of the previous round, making for the first boring night of NBA action in like a month. We've been spoiled. 

There is, however, plenty to look forward to. Does a LeBron-KD Final whet your appetite? Or do you want to see a member of the NBA's Old Guard like Tim Duncan or Paul Pierce make a deep run? Actually, it's hard to not root for the Clippers in the wake of Donald Sterling's mess. Get excited for the next two months with 10 Reasons Why the NBA Playoffs Are Better Now Than Ever Before.

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