The John Cena fandom started, at WrestleMania XX. This Mania made me a wrestling fan again. My absence started after WrestleMania X-7, shocking I know. It was a dark period in the life of Emilio Sparks. Funny story. I was dating this crazy girl at the time and stupidly decided to break up with her four hours before WrestleMania XX. Besides the chick being bat-shit loony, the last straw was purposely getting us lost in Jersey causing me to miss the entire live PPV.

I was newly single, and watched the replay alone, feeling like the weight of the world lifted. I was amazed that Cena was that dude. The throwback jerseys, the freestyles, I was stunned to see a face using chicanery to win his matches. Big Show kicks out on the first FU, Cena hits Show with brass knuckles behind the referee's back to win the United States title. I think this was the last time Madison Square Garden would unanimously cheer John Cena. This would be Cena's first title as a WWE Superstar.

The following year at Wrestlemania 21, Cena would win his first WWE Heavyweight Championship. Years later I interviewed the rapper Murs, I told him that the remix to his song Hustler featuring John Cena was the final nail that cemented my John Cena fandom. If you haven't I suggest you google the video, "and John Cena's the kid, that go through hell for a cell." What?