So after I realized Heenan would soon jump to WCW and this was Andre's last WWF appearance before his death. I got melancholy, I decided to cope by having a croissant. It helped quill the sadness. What can I say, flaky pastries are a spirit picker upper. To regain my masculinity, I went on a Sid Vicious kick and watched a ton of his work. I'll ignore his latter WCW stuff as it wasn't my cup of tea. Three weeks ago I got into a verbal argument with a muscular fellow at the gym about Sid's work in WCW.

The idiot liked his Millennium Man gimmick, I pretentiously insulted "no neck" and put him on to the '96 Survivor Series. That particular Survivor Series has two of my favorite matches. Stone Cold vs Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels vs. Psycho Sid for the WWF Championship. I wasn't amazed at the match but what makes this a favorite of mine was Sid being the crowd favorite. Cities like NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago tend to cheer for the heels. I think most of the cheers Sid received that night at Madison Square Garden were from anti-HBK and pro-Bret Hart fans. I think its due to Sid's "less is more" approach. Say what you will about Sid's in-ring ability, dude was crazy over.

This match also shows the greatness that is Shawn Michaels. HBK could carry a broomstick to an awesome match and make it look good. A buddy of mine wrestled Sid at an indy show, he said Sid was very nice and while sharing a lengthy car ride with Sid, my buddy soon realized that Sid's crazy gimmick wasn't an act. He told a story about a backstage altercation between Sid, Brian Pillman and a squeegee being used as a weapon.