There were a lot of really bad teams in the NBA this season. Some of those teams were bad because they wanted to be bad (#TankingForWiggins was in full effect!), while others actually tried to be good at certain times during the season…and failed miserably. But regardless of why teams were as bad as they were, the result was a lot of awful basketball for much of the season. From the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference to the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference, it was difficult to watch these bad teams play. 

But who was the worst of the worst teams in the NBA this season? With the 2013-14 NBA regular season now officially over, we sifted through some stats, crunched a bunch of numbers, and watched a lot of YouTube videos featuring some of the biggest fails of the 2013-14 season to try and find out. And after doing it, we think we figured out which NBA team was the worst in the league this year. Click through to find out which team deserves the distinction of being crowned the NBA's biggest loser.

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