Last Friday afternoon, a 51-year-old woman named Connie Everitt hit a moose with her car while she was driving in British Columbia, Canada. She described seeing a "brown blur" run in front of her car near the 70 Mile House in B.C. just before she slammed on her brakes and collided with the moose. And while this wouldn't normally make the news—people hit moose all the time in Canada—it's particularly noteworthy because of where the woman was headed at the time of the crash.

You see, about a month ago, Everitt's 49-year-old sister Yvonne Studley was badly injured after she got into a car accident. And guess what caused the accident? You guessed it—a moose! So within the span of about 30 days, moose have wreaked havoc on the sisters. It's almost like they're out to get them.

"My first thought was, 'Are the moose going out [on a] hunting season for my family?'" Everitt wondered after her accident. "You can never tell when a moose or some other wildlife will run out in front of you. My sister almost died from this. If I'd had anyone as my passenger, they would have died."

Fortunately, both Everitt and Studley are expected to make full recoveries. But if the sisters have any other siblings, they should probably tell them not to worry about visiting them in the hospital. These moose are not messing around right now!

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[via National Post]