We've seen quite a few April Fools' jokes today. The Supercar Kids crafted a Ferrari SUV, BoldRide worked up a Viper Sportback, and Toyota pretended like they were bringing back the Tercel. If you believed any of these, it's time to reassess your judgement. But what about actual car pranks people pulled off OUTSIDE the internet world? NASCAR took some time to talk to a few of its drivers to ask what some of the craziest pranks they've pulled off were, and there were two of serious note. 

No. 1: Tony Stewart once sprayed a crew member who was working on his car with brake fluid and straight-up lit him on fire. They waited a few seconds before taking the fire extinguisher to put him out, but still. He lit a dude on fire. 

No. 2: Kevin Harvick said he once got behind the wheel of a monster truck and ran over his wife's aunt's car. 

Watch the video above as they talk about the pranks with huge smiles on their faces. 

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[via NASCAR]