Waking up in this RV is far more practical than waking up in a Bugatti, but that's only because it has a bed. Besides that, nothing is practical about this million-dollar carbon fiber CR-1 trailer. It's just as ostentatious as a Veyron is unnecessarily fast. And both were partially made by the minds of Dallara, an Italian design firm. 

Ninety-five percent of the CR-1's structure is made out of carbon fiber, which makes it extremely light. It only weighs 6,500 pounds with furniture and full of fluids. Meanwhile the Air Stream Classic Dinette, which only costs $102,598, weighs 7,174 pounds unfurnished and completely dry. The CR-1 is also full of features that can be controlled with an iPad, such as its awning and shades. 

If a rapper really wants to stunt, this what they should be riding in between concerts.

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[via Wired