Team: Toledo Mudhens
Affiliated with: Detroit Tigers
Date worn: 5/30/2014

This year, we lost a comedy legend when Harold Ramis—the multi-talented writer and director known for films like Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Animal House, and Ghostbusters—unfortunately passed away from complications with autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. As you can see from his resume, the man was a defining figure in comedy, whose influence over the past 35 years places him among the all-time greats.

So, of course, it's time to honor him with a minor league uniform, right? Apparently, that's what the Toledo Mudhens think, as the team will be donning Ghostbusters unis in memory of Ramis next month. Complete with faux straps and ectoplasm stains printed into the design, the jersey is a fitting, if strange, tribute to Ramis' legacy.