Last night, Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda got ejected from a game against the Red Sox for smearing pine tar onto the right side of his neck and using it while he pitched. And this afternoon, MLB announced that he'll now be subjected to additional punishment for doing it.

Effective immediately, the league has suspended Pineda for 10 games "for possessing a foreign substance on his person." Pineda has admitted that the substance on his neck was pine tar and has already come out and said that he will accept the suspension and refuse his right to appeal it.

"I'll accept it because I know I made a mistake," he said. "That's it…I try to put it on my neck, just a little bit. I put on too much and everybody sees it. It was my mistake. I feel so sad and bad for that."

You have to appreciate the guy's honesty. But this is now the second time that he's been caught using an illegal substance on the mound this month. So he better be careful moving forward. He can't let this turn into a recurring issue.

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[via ESPN New York]