We know there's a serious market for Michael Jordan memorabilia, but this seems like a stretch. Someone on eBay is selling the bus that His Airness owned while playing minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons. Bidding starts at just $19,388

There's only one day left in the auction, so you better act quick if you want to own one of the most ridiculous pieces of memorabilia of all time. At one point in time the greatest basketball player of all time sat in at least one of those seats. He probably put his size-13 feet across the aisle. Maybe he even farted on the upholstery. We're talking about history here. 

The bus has since been repainted, and it also has a new engine with just 20 miles. Youd' be glad the engine will last for a while because it'll take a lot of driving to find someone who doesn't think you're crazy for buying this. 

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[via Barstool Sports