Over the last few months, we've seen drivers accidentally accelerate and drive through the fronts of all kinds of stores. From supermarkets to pharmacies, it seems like just about every kind of establishment has been hit—literally—by the recent rash of cars driving into stores. But late this week, we saw a new kind of store take an L when a car drove into the front of it. And that L turned out to be very, very, very costly.

On Friday morning, a 53-year-old man who works at a lighting fixture store called N&S Electric in Huntington Station, N.Y. stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake when he was pulling up to his place of employment and accidentally drove into the front of it. And he did a ton of damage. Outside of creating a huge hole in the front of the building, he also destroyed more than $400,000 worth of crystal and glass. Fortunately, the man was OK and there was no structural damage to the building itself. But his mistake cost his boss a lot of inventory.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent people from doing this?! At some point, it seems like car companies are going to need to figure out a way to stop drivers from making this big mistake. Until then, be careful. Because apparently no structure is safe when it comes to careless drivers.

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[via CBS New York]