No one really has a compelling reason to watch the Heat's impending sweep of the Bobcats. The only real news to come from the series was LeBron James staring down Michael Jordan at courtside as he was about to finish off a fast break dunk. Turns out that might've not even happened, according to James.

James denied he grilled Jordan last night when he was asked about it. “No, no. Don’t start that. Absolutely not, man. Absolutely not,” James said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “I was able to read [Josh] McRoberts, get a steal and push the lead back up. I absolutely didn’t look at MJ, for sure.”

If he's telling the truth, kudos to him for being straight up with it. The everyman would've been like, "Yeah, I did! That was all me!" Then again, the everyman doesn't get the chance to do so (or even have the ability to dunk).

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[via Charlotte Observer]