When people think of Johnny Manziel they think: Heisman winner, electrifying player, and because of constant off-field coverage, inevitably, epic rager. Not always in that order. With that reputation, the following news may come as a (mild) surprise. Manziel took the Wonderlic Test, which is administered annually for incoming prospects in preparation for next months NFL Draft, and finished with the highest score amongst potential QBs. This according to NFL scout John Middlekauff.

While Manziel's pro day raised some eyebrows amongst the notoriously stuffy league, it's also been reported that the A&M star's intellect has impressed several NFL teams. So how did Manziel score? We're not 100% sure, but according to Middlekauff the average QB recorded a 29 for the 2012 Draft. Overall amongst signal callers, the average is 24, with teams preferring at least a 21. 30 is considered great. All we know is that Manziel topped 30.

This news continues to create an interesting dilemma for teams with top picks. The Houston Texans, who really don't want to mess up their choice after a surprisingly miserable 2-14 campaign, will now need to find an excuse to pass on the home-state hero. At this point the best option to pass on him may be his size. It'll be interesting to see what decision they make when they're on the clock May 8th.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]