On Saturday night, a Fort Myers, Fla. man pulled up to the Big "M" Casino Cruise at the Moss Marine on Fort Myers Beach and tossed his keys to a valet. And this is where the valet decided to park the man's car.

Er, okay, so technically, he didn't mean to drive the car off a dock and into some water. But shortly after the driver of the car gave the valet his keys, the valet jumped into the front seat and pulled it into a parking spot. However, he apparently forgot to put the car into park when he got out of the car. And as a result, the car rolled right off the dock and plunged into the water. By the next morning, the car was submerged under 15 feet of water and completely ruined.

"It just sat there floating," one witness told NBC2. "It didn't go very far, slowly getting lower and lower until it started shorting out, and then the lights came on, the trunk popped. Then it sunk."

Fortunately, the incident won't cost the car's owner a cent. The Big "M" Casino has already agreed to foot the $23,000 bill associated with the loss of the car. But we're guessing that the accident did cost the valet his tip—and his job. And rightfully so. What were you thinking here, man? You had ONE job and you blew it.

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[via NBC2]