On Wednesday, Falcons owner Arthur Blank walked into the introductory news conference in a red and black scarf, similar to the accessory worn by soccer fans, and announced that the MLS will have an expansion team in Atlanta starting in 2017. About a decade ago, Blank discussed the possibility of bringing a team to the ATL, but nothing ever came to fruition. Then, last year, Blank reached a deal with the city to build a new $1 billion retractable roof stadium next to the Georgia Dome, which will eventually be demolished.  

As Blank made the announcement, Atlanta's diehard soccer fans called the "Terminus Legion" were all abuzz. At some point, the group celebrated their new team by playing "Put On" by Young Jeezy because, well, why not?

As for details, like a team name and the overall look, it will take some time to get that all sorted out. "What the name will be, we really don't know," Blank said. "We will spend a lot of time listening to our fans and trying to understand why some names are more important than others, why certain designs are more important than others, why certain logos are more important than others."    

[via @ParrishWalton]