Crossovers and CUV’s aren’t exactly the most interesting cars on the market, though the newly unveiled 2015 Nissan Murano is pushing all the right buttons.

Nissan has clipped and trimmed the hazy styling of the old model, leaving a rather handsome entrant for the upcoming year. The front fascia receives Nissan’s “V-Motion” treatment and 370Z inspired boomerang headlights, while the rear quarter ties in the side and rear window nicely. Though the Murano’s new figure is more than just a cosmetic touch; designers have cut 130-pounds from the body and crafted the shape to achieve a 0.31 drag coefficient. That should pinch a few pennies at the pump. 

The powertrain looks fairly economical as well. Nissan retained the 260-horsepower 3.5L V6 for 2015, which will power both front- and all-wheel drive versions. The EPA has yet to test the new model, but Nissan calculates an approximate 20 percent gain in fuel economy down to aerodynamics, powertrain enhancements, and low-resistance tires.

On the inside, Nissan has improved comfort with the “Zero Gravity” seat design as well as added accessibility with additional USB connection to the rear passengers. The kids will thank you for that. And to keep those kids safe, upmarket versions of the Murano will be available with up to four onboard cameras and three radar systems. How did they cut 130 pounds from the old model?

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[via Nissan]