Spyker's sense of style is wonderfully old fashioned. It's not old fashioned like Morgan, which staunchly refuses to believe that it's not 1936. Spyker, like Snoopy, takes the ethos of the World War One flying ace and applies it everywhere. Sometimes it's rather obvious, like the turned aluminum center consoles in the C8 and B6, and sometimes it's just the way the company presents itself.

This is one of those times. We all recognize that the B6 Venator looks like a dead sexy little car, and we love that it would be available in the states, but that doesn't change the fact that Spyker needs money to make it. Rather than courting investors, like a normal company, Spyker has opted to sell bonds. Each bond will cost £100,000 ($167,285) and will secure a bespoke B6 chassis number for the buyer. 

Spyker Needs YOU!
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[via Jalopnik