There were two strokes of luck on Saturday when a skydiver collided with a small plane in Mulberry, Fla. First, and more importantly, there were no serious injuries. Second, there was a photographer on hand to capture a chilling but incredible series of photos

The pilot of the plane, an 87-year-old WWII veteran, was practicing touch-and-goes— when the plane touches the ground and takes off again—at a small local airport. During this a skydiver about to land ran into the plane, which tore his parachute and tossed him 75 feet in the air. The plane also took a spill, hitting the ground nose-first. 

Both the pilot and the skydiver were taken to the hospital, but neither were seriously hurt. While the skydiver was released, the pilot is being held for observation. Raise your hand if you expected a pilot to be in the hospital longer from a skydiver-plane collision. 

[Update] Here's a GIF via Reddit

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[via Jalopnik