What's the most important thing to have when driving? Aside from a good soundtrack, we are inclined to say PATIENCE. Patience can be extremely valuable when you're behind the wheel. And we're not talking about patience when you're stuck in traffic, because that shit is annoying and it's just human nature to get angry about that. We're talking about dealing with other bad drivers, which will happen on a daily basis. Take this video for example.

Here's somebody who was tailing another driver because he felt that he needed to go faster (even thought he person in front of him couldn't go anywhere because of other vehicles). When the road finally opens, the road rager pulls up and gives the finger for a while. Then he speeds off, only to lose control on a wet tarmac and hit something on the side of the road. The Internet has dubbed this INSTA-KARMA. Check it for yourself above. 

Sidenote: Nobody has said it before, so I'm going to: Just because somebody is doing something really annoying or stupid doesn't mean your focus should immediately shift to recording it on your phone. I was nervous as HELL watching this video, because it was so clear that this person was zoned in on catching the road rager rather than just looking at the road. The person is lucky it didn't end up the other way.

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[via Auto Evolution