It's been a long time coming. The Philadelphia 76ers are set to retire Allen Iverson's number tonight. No player can ever duplicate the heart, passion for the game, and will to win. Also, his hatred for practice will forever live on in sports history. Iverson managed to amass 24,368 points, 10 All-Star nods, four scoring championships, and an MVP, over his 12-year career. Those are awards and stats that any player would love to have. 

There are tons of special moments that flew under the radar. That includes his rookie season when he set a rookie record with 40-plus points in five consecutive games. He also set a playoff steals record with 10 in one of his first playoff games in 1999. Those great on-court moments are complemented by a multitude of off-the-court moments including some pranks on his teammates as well as his relationships with important people in his life from his mother to college coach John Thompson. Check out Rare Photos and Video of Allen Iverson That You Probably Haven't Seen Before.

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