Porsche takes its vehicles bursting into flames very seriously. It only took two fires involving new Porsche 911 GT3’s to halt the production and deliveries of the track-focused car. Porsche engineers have pinpointed the source of the fire, caused by oil leaking from the crankcase and onto the hot exhaust, but have not disclosed the proper fix for the issue.

“If it’s as simple a case as an adjustment to the electronic control unit or something like that, that is an easier fix than if it involves a component,” explained Paul Ellis, Director of Public Relations for Porsche Cars Australia.

“We’re the sort of company that would prefer to take a little bit longer and make sure we’re 110 percent correct and fix it once and fix it properly.” Over 700 deliveries of the new 911 GT3 will sit idle across the globe until Porsche comes up with the answer.

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[via motoring.com.au]