The latest economical and ecological transportation answers seem to be electric power, hybrid power, or diesel power. Thankfully, Peugeot is about to put the gasoline engine back on the podium with some stunning new efficiency figures.

The company’s new PureTech 1.2L turbocharged three-cylinder achieved a staggering 99.1 mpg in recent testing around Spain’s Almeria circuit. The 1.2-equipped Peugeot 308 ate through 1,124 miles of track on one tank of fuel. Quite brilliant.

Peugeot attests the engine’s thriftiness to a new high-pressure direct injection system and turbocharger. It’s a nice bit of kit if you live in a country where Peugeots are sold. We’re quite envious that we don’t. The company estimates that the 308 with a PureTech three-banger will achieve 61.4 mpg in everyday driving conditions. We could live with that.

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[via Peugeot]