Smooth and steady seemed to be the name of the game at the Mint 400 this past weekend. Although some veterans of sport seemed to try and punch their way through the course, it was the drivers who made clean laps who finished. The cleanest ride of the day was off-road veteran Andy McMillin. Driving the whole 400 miles, he pulled in first with a whopping 14-minute lead. This is largely attributed to his zero flat tires. His co-driver Steve Sourapas told us, "not one wrench turned."

Second-place finisher Tavo Vildosola was the exception, finishing with only the driver's side panel of bodywork still on the truck and numerous issues on the course. Alas, Tavo managed to put his truck in second. And, of course, it wouldn't be a true off-road race without some family ties. Dan McMillin, brother of Andy, had an almost flawless run and rolled in at third place. 

Still, the biggest news came as somewhat of a surprise from another family man. Fresh from surgery (and still sporting a cast), father/racer/trickster/renaissance man, Travis Pastrana managed to make non-believers eat his dust when he placed 4th place (almost making podium by a hair). We had a short chance to speak with Travis after the race and asked him if we could expect more off-road truck racing from his camp. His answer: "Only the fun ones." Considering all of them are nothing but, we can only assume we'll be seeing more of Travis the Trick Truck driver.

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