Syracuse's run at the NCAA Tournament ended with a classic shot of Jim Boeheim in confusion and a 55-53 loss to Dayton. If you're begging to know what he thought about the other team, well, you're out of luck:

Boeheim has been, shall we say, lacking of tact after an NCAA Tournament loss before. After losing to Michigan last year, he got contentious with a reporter who asked if he was returning. This year's interview wasn't as awkward, however.

The head coach also offered his opinions about Tyler Ennis' last shot. The guard scored 11 straight points before missing two jumpers in the final seconds.

Boeheim was presumably referring to his team's choice in shots. Syracuse shot 38.9 percent and was 0-for-10 from beyond-the-arc—one of the worst three-point performances in tournament history.

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[via Syracuse Basketball]